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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pecksniffian when writing the factor. we are definitely looking out for you. >> according to the rasmussen survey, 49% of u.s. supporters would support the republican candidate and only 41% say they would cast their ballots for the incumbent. now this is the largest margin of victory for the gop on the generic ballot in more than three months. in addition, the same survey those the republicans are leading in several key swing states include ohio and california. joining me now with the reaction of the developments, fox news contributor, former governor
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sarah palin. governor, how are you? >> aim doing great, sean, thanks. >> first of all, what do you make of that poll? in head it head it seems obama is a little closer but i think this is a little more realistic, which may go against some historical polling evidence and observations. what are your thoughts? >> well, i'm very encouraged by those poll numbers. too bad we don't have some dude running named gop candidateel and be on top. and hope they can bring out what he represents and what obama represents. the socialist policies that are bankrupting this policy. we have to make sure the candidate that emerges from the primary understand that we want passion, that we want fiery, not just rhetoric, but solutions that are proposed and experiences been expressed to make sure that we undo what
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obama has done to this country. >> and jay carney, by the way, says the white house is not very focused on the republican race. do you buy that? >> no. you know, a lot of republicans live in jay carney's and barack obama's minds free of charge. it's interesting to live there rent free and kind of put some pressure on them as we go forward in talking about the changes that need to be made in this country. you know, remember too, sean, we have a distinct advantage going into the 2012 race that we did not have in '08. obama finally has a record. he did not have a record when he ran as a candidate in '08. he had a lot of hogwash rhetoric that he spewed about hope and change and now we know what that hope and change represented and it was socialist policies and they aren't working and that's why we see the joblessness and the home mortgage crisis that is
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really making americans suffer. we see so many problems today that are a result of what obama really represents so we have that advantage today. another advantage that we have is the speech that obama gave yesterday in kansas where he really expressed his ideas, his beliefs in what he means by fundamentally transforming this country into what i believe is a socialist nation. when he says that the alternative to his socialist policies, the free market just doesn't work. it tells us what he really, really means and what he intends to do if he had four more years to do it. >> that was my next question to you because the obama 2008 lofty rhetoric, big crowds, tried to at least portray himself as moderate and people ignored the warning signs, some of which you just mentioned, but i saw a man obsessed, obsessed with the concept of class warfare more so than i would argue any president in modern history. is that what you saw?
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>> i did. and you sounded that warning bell. others tried to also. again, being the second half of a team that was running against obama, we did not do a good enough job. i believe my ticket in bringing out what those differences were between constitutional conservatives and what obama represented. but you, sean, and others tried as hard as you could to get americans to understand what it was that he represented. we missed the boat last go around. let that not happen this time. i think america is really waking up. they are realizing that there is a positive alternative to what obama represents. and i think that that is reflected now in the support that independentent and the gop is representing. >> and including yourself, after the tragic shooting of gabrielle giffords, you used the term targeted races and that bob
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beckel and many democrats used over the years and i started looking at some of the rhetoric of the president here. beyond class warfare, this is a president who says that republicans want everyone to fend for themselves, not true. that republican coervatives want dirtier air, dirtier water and fewer people on healthcare, he wants autistic people to fend for themselves. i don't believe any conservative that leaves any of these things. what happened to the lectures on civility that he was giving you and talk radio and everyone else? >> you just gave some more examples of obama's hogwash where he is out there spewing this rhetoric. he doesn't mean it. when he gave that speech yesterday and he talked about fairness, know that he doesn't actually mean it. especially when he can't walk the walk. he tries to talk the talk, but his actions certainly don't match what his speeches are all
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about. he talked about fairness yesterday, and yet fairness would be everybody's pitching in and paying at least a bit for some of the services that they are provided by our government. and yet 50% of americans don't even pay an income tax. so in that respect they aren't participating. but he doesn't consider that. he's heading off for a multi-day vacation in luxurious hawaii while the rest of america is looking at -- >> 17 days. >> is making sacrifices in order to make ends meet. again, just example after example after example of his words not matching his actions. he's a phony, sean. barack obama is a phony and america, i believe again, we are waking up it that and we around going to put up with that. >> we have to say something that has to be said here. when he says the republicans want dirty air, water, and kids with down syndrome, autism, to fend for themselves, that's dishonest. you might even use a mo severe term, it's a lie.
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it's not true. so i have two questions for you about this. you mentioned earlier you want a passionate candidate that's going to fight back. are you going to endorse -- who are you leaning towards and how would you advise that candidate to fight back against these charges? >> well, i'm not ready to make an enforcement yet because there is still a long process. remember, iowa in four weeks isn't the end of the road, it is the beginning of the road. and there will be more debates. and more things will come out about each of these candidates so that we can make a very good decision on who our candidate needs to be to go up against barack obama. we can't be complacent when we consider that the poll numbers today show that by eight points a generic gop candidate can beat obama because we have to remember that a billion dollars and 90% of the mainstream media will be in obama's back pocket again. we have to make sure our can
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state is vetted and ready to go, and certainly at this point i would advise our candidates to remember to focus on the problems that barack obama has caused this country. quit nitpicking at each other. some of the candidates are playing right into the left playbook. they are doing that opposition re searching and broadcasting it for the left. instead let us concentrate on the problems under obama and how we can fix them. >> looking at today's snapshot, which is that newt gingrich is the frontrunner in terms of the polls, mitt romney is second, would you be comfortable supporting either or, mitt or former speaker gingrich? >> at the end of the day i will support the gop nominee because i do know that every person that is on the gop side today in these independents that are running that hardly register on the polls, they, too, would be in finish italy better than what we have in the white house
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today. >> by the way, i'm look at the christmas tree. i still don't see many decorationings up there, governor. i am going to have to mail you some decorations. but we love the fire and it's a nice tree. >> thank you so much, sean. >> and coming up, rudy giuliani is here with reaction to the of-change gop field and later former illinois governor rod blagojevich handed one forecast stiffest penalties of for corruption. and that's all coming up.
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>> the wars among presidential hopefuls are heating up. some are add hearing to regains' 11th expand meantthou shall not speak ill of any other republican. others are ignoring it and going on the attack. >> you did support it. >> yes, sir. >> that's what i'm saying we got the idea from you and the heritage foundation. >> okay. >> and i don't line-up. >> commerce, and the education -- >> look, i was an independent at the time of reagan bush. i'm not going to return to that. the right course is the one championed 30 years ago and today. >> and he ends up sounding like he can take a position one way or the other. >> everything that gingrich railed against when he was in the house, he went the other way when he got paid to go the other way. >> he is demonstrating himself to be the very essence of the
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washington insiders. >> is playing dirty just part of the political processor are some campaigns taking it too far? joining me now, he was a gop presidential candidate in 2008, former i mayor of the great city of new york, rudy giuliani. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> did you see this, mitt romney said to the jewish collation he would consider nominating key cabinet positions and your name was represented as potential attorney general. >> well, that's very kind. >> i have a better position for you, though. >> you do? >> i would like to see you secretary of defense. [laughter] >> why are you laughing? >> the best thing to do is making sure we elect one of these republicans presidents and we don't hurt each other too much before we get to the big show. >> yeah. >> i mean, the networks are doing enough. i've never seen anything like this. i've told you that before the show. i think it's disgraceful and actually has implications for
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our country. democratic candidates don't get vetted as the republicans do. if we are going to do to us, as they did to rick perry, michele bachmann, as soon as you become number one they come after you. five minutes, find every piece of dirt, and what they did to herman cain, and now gingrich is at the top of the news. you know, he did this when he was in congress and he did that. that was never of done to barack obama. and really, i remember when bill clinton had his problems. he had his problems, he got one chance to explain it, he explained it with hillary and that was it. forget it. they are trying to rip apart anybody that has a chance to defeat barack obama. >> i said in 2008, and i wasn't kidding, i think the media in america, journalism died and now it's dead and buried. i guess, thank god, for cable
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and fox and talk radio. >> people can get a different way of looking at things now. i think all the debates, although some of them, you know, got a little repetitious and maybe got got a little boring -- i think it was very, very good. i told newt, the reason he is in the position he is in because he does such a good jobs in the debates. and one thing he did that nobody else did, he didn't attack other republicans. but when he would say that, you could feel it. >> frank luntz actually said that those that went on the attack against the fellow republicans did not benefit when they polled it. when they attack obama, they like it. >> the republicans are going to love t and every single one of them at one point or another did attacks because somebody else was getting to the number one position so they would go after that person. and then you turn to newt, and newt would say our objective here is to defeat barack obama, not each other. all of us would agree we would be a lot better than barack obama and then he would go to
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the point that had to be made about our economy being out of control or the failure obama has been or the weak foreign policy that we have. >> do you think the attacks that they have been now throwing at newt, because he's now under scrutiny, under fire, he's now the frontrunner, the poll numbers of pretty amazing for him. i've never seen anyone skyrocket that quickly. he was going up two, three points after each debate and then, boom, rocket ship. do you think he will be able to survive the attacks? >> you never know, but i think so because i think in his case it's different than for michele bachmann and for herman cain and even for rick. they were more newcomers to the national picture. he's not. i mean, newt has been around for a very long time. i have known newt for 20 -- i don't remember how many years but i've known him a long, long time. he has real accomplishments. he has problems you add up against those accomplishments but you put them against real accomplishments so i don't think it is going to mean the same thing as it would mean if those
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attacks were against somebody new on the scene. >> because mitt romney has been, along with ron paul, but mitt at the top has been steady throughout the whole process. >> right. >> why has he not been able to close the deal? >> i think mitt has strengths and weaknesses like the others. his great strength is his background. background as governor, background as -- >> like ability. >> he's charming, he's very good in the debates. i would say each debate, depending on your sort of prejudices, either -- either newt won it or mitt romney won it. he did a great job in the debates. i think mitt's problem, and it came across on the interview on fox, are all the changes in position. they are so many all at once. >> isn't a big flip-flopper, in fairness, obama? >> yeah. >> it is an amazing thing. why do you ignore that? >> but we aren't look at obama. >> not yet. >> you are asking republicans, you are asking republicans to
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say we want to put a person in the presidency who is going to really transform the country, who is going to be tough, who is going to stick with a set of principles, whether they are popular or unpopular and then you look at mitt, having been governor, moderate governor, and then all of a sudden, six or seven key positions get changed within four months. i think it has the burden of explaining that and he has the burden of creating credibility with that 60%, 70% that he wasn't brought over yet about that. what they want to know is if you become president, mitt, and things get unpopular, are you going to stick -- are you going to stick with a balanced budget amendment? are you going to stick with cutting these federal programs? are you going to stick with getting really tough with iran? if the new york times is writing editorials and everyone else is saying -- i worked for ronald reagan. i remember when he deployed the
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cruise missiles to europe and pointed them at the soviet union. the new york times wrote an editorial the next day saying he was going to cause world war 3. and by the end of that, he took all of that, his approval numbers went way down but ronald reagan took that because he knew why he was president. >> if you were defensepresidente o iran's nuclear facilities? >> i believe that the goal of our government has to make sure that they do not become nuclear. >> if that involves the necessity for the attack, then we should do the attack. they should not become a nuclear power. >> you have to be defense. >> and we have to have a president that's capable of doing that. we have to have a president that's capable of exercising that option if that's the necessary option to stop them from being nuclear. i've been saying this for 8 years. but all you need is the case now that has been brought here in the southern district in
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new york. if a government is insane enough, irrational enough to offer money to kill the saidian arabian ambassador in washington, d.c.. >> that's bold. >> they can has been off nuclear materials and think they can buy their way out of it and have it explode in london, new york, washington, israel, you cannot allow irrational people to have their hands on nuclear weapons. it was the greatest fear of the cold war. the greatest fear of the cold war was somebody in the soviet union would be nuts. but we have nuts in iran. ahmadinejad is nuts u might as well take him at his word. if people tell you they are going to destroy israel, you better believe them. >> it's great seeing you. that is good advice for anybody who is running. coming up, michelle malkin is here with reaction to blago's 14
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year jail sentence. but they are calling the president speech yesterday his most important address of his presidency but it turns out several of his claims are, well, untrue. we will explain that and much more coming up straight ahead.
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>> president obama put his class warfare on full display yesterday in kansas and today some of his left wing supporters, such as robert rice, are praising the address as, quote, the most important economic speech of his presidency. however, there's a slight problem. according to multiple reports today, including a scathing fact check done by the washington post, many things can't be verified. take, for example, this statement by the president. >> some billionaires have a tax rate as low as 1%. 1%. that is the height of unfairness. it is wrong. >> what's wrong with that statement, according to the post, a white house official has now conceded the administration has no actual data to back up that claim and as a result the polls have awarded the remarks with three pin nokios, thinking
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significant factual error and obvious contradictions were present. oh, he didn't tell the truth. that's my analysis. ms. crowley is here and sandra smith. you are saying there's a party for the media people at the white house tonight? >> yes, and i can't believe none of us got invited. >> did anyone get to go? >> certain media organizations. >> did fox go? >> i don't know, but none of us are there. we're working. >> i have never gotten an invitation and i saw all the liberal media. i went to one party when bush was there and all the liberals showed up. >> and us conservatives continue to get nixed. >> did anybody from fox get an invitation? >> you know, i don't know. maybe we will hear about it tomorrow though. >> it will be interesting. we will see. why didn't president obama, i'm offended. he won't come on the program either. he's afraid to deal with the tough questions from hannity on the program. >> we all tell the truth about
6:28 pm
him. but we keep him in line. >> in terms of the rank dishonesty in his speech, the washington post is not a conservative news outlet. >> what, barack obama not telling the truth? shocking, sean. you know what was amazing about the speech is he continue to use code words for wealth re distribution. in this speech he was talking about fairness. he used the word fairness over and over again. he talked about, quote, leveling the playing field. what we are talking about is a president who sings day one was sought to re distribute the nation's wealth. this the government seize it and then re distribute it according to it their priorities. you get socialized medicine epa and more regulations. and this is what his agenda was from the beginning. >> and beyond what we were discussing with sarah palin, republicans want dirty air, water, autistic and old people to fend for themselves, it's not
6:29 pm
true. >> and i don't think he -- >> he can't believe. has he looked at the economic demographics in the country and said 47% of the country pays more taxes and go for them and get four more percent and i win. >> you are naming exactly the problem i had. where is the math and where are the citing of multiple economists on both sides of the isle. on the fox business network we brought in analyst after lift that looked at the speech and say is he describing what fair is? every time he used that word in the speech, it made me driven knowledge. eats almost like he's trying to cut a deal with the american people. the premise is still there for the american dream to succeed. it's almost like he's saying now it's harder now than ten, fifteen years ago. >> it's not. i see a desperate politician that has now become a ruthlessly dishonest politician. and what is going to be interesting here as the media
6:30 pm
attacks every conservative is will they do their job and expose obama's record on civility and rhetoric on civility versus his own words and action? >> don't hold your breath on that because you might turn blue. >> don't do that. what we are talking about in barack obama is a pure leftist. people say why isn't he doing thing to fix the economy? he can't, sean. he won't because he can't. if he were to fix this economy, he would have to reverse everything that he's put in place and he would have to completely alter his leftist economic philosophy. >> think about it, that means he's willing to divide the country and use the most device i have rhetoric. >> yeah. >> why? because he wants this beautiful white house, an airplane and helicopter and he wants to go on vacation on the taxpayer's dollar? >> if you think about what he's saying, it's obscene. he's blaming the bush era tax
6:31 pm
cuts, ten-year-old tax cuts on today's slow growth. he's still showing he's not willing to take responsibility for lack of job growth. there was more on an average monthly basis. there was more during the bush business cycle than any year president obama has been president. >> when you say what is his objective here, is it four more years of air force one, no, it's about fundamentally re making the country, which is what he told us he was going to do in 2008 and that's what he's doing. >> he hid it well in 2008. >> you can't hide it anymore. >> because of his record, which is failed." now he has to go out and say i have to complete the job. >> but that's why he's trying to divide and conquer. he's doing class warfare. >> and he's pretend to go protect the middle class but all of his policies are designed to describe them. >> let me make a promise and i know it will be picked up by the left wing media. i'll do the left wing media's job. that's all i will say. i will do that job. >> we will back you up, sean.
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>> i'm going to probably need it. >> it's their job. we will hold them accountable. >> see you both and i can't believe we didn't get invited to the obama white house christmas party.çó next year? >> we are banking on it. >> let me put it this way, hell will freeze over before i get that nomination. and blago sentenced behind bars for trying to sell obama's senate seat. we have that and more coming up. ♪ i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol plus diabetes... or high blood pressure... or family history of early heart disease... can put them at increased risk for plaque buildup.
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>> today was sentencing day for rod blagojevich. despite for his apology to the court he was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for political corruption and attempting to sell president obama's senate seat. here's what he said today. >> this is a time to be strong, this is a time to fight through adversity. this is time for me to be strong
6:37 pm
for my children, be strong for patty, and this is also a time for patty and me to get home to explain to our kids, our babies, amy and annie, what happened, what all this means and where we are going from here >> now the white house is about to have another scandal out tomorrow. attorney general eric holder is set to testify again about his role in the botched atf fast and furious gun running operation. joining me now to react to this is number one best-seller author, ms. malkin is back. what is interesting is not the blago sentencing, that was kind of expected, but very little coverage of tony resco. this is the guy the very same day they buy adjacent properties. resco sells part of the property, rendering it unbuildable to obama at below-market rate and nobody of
6:38 pm
really followed through on that and it's all interconnected in this chicago way. what is your reaction to his sentencing? >> sure, of course it is. and both cases are of a piece and what they underscore is that barack obama isn't a politician that turned into a business as usual going to washington. he was steeped in that very culture, that very cesspool throughout his illinois career. in both cases it is why are the lesser vehicles paying legal and criminal consequences and barack obama, who is at the center of so much of it and all his top officials who came from illinois and snared in both of those cases, as well, all of them unscathed. no heads of roll in these cases. and he's got a triple layer, teflon coating, and it's about time that it gets scratched. >> we got a series of scandals
6:39 pm
here, not just a chicago scandal, but we have the fast and furious issues. we know high-ranking administration officials lied under congress testimony. roger clemens is going to be tried on that charge, lying to congress. you have green cronyism where big bundlers get access to the white house and literally get trillion of taxpayer dollars thrown down the sewer, and on top of that you have excellent draw and all these specific companies. do any of these stick and do any of these become big issues as we head into the 2012 general election? >> they are, but i think that the american public and the electorate needs to be reminded in detail and in depth about the extent to which these white house officials are involved. let's just take the blago case. if you go back three years ago this month, it was this white house administration incoming that wrote its own report be a solving president obama of any
6:40 pm
role whatsoever in the blago case when his white house legal advice sore, valerie jarrett, was considered one of the candidates that blago wanted to pay off. that in the s&p that was never issued to president obama, that blago's lawyers planned to slap him with, they specifically named valerie jarrett, and there were phone calls between seiu officials. and one tom balenoff and andy stern, who talked with blago's team about somehow creating a buffer, to somehow i am often nice from any controversy should this come out. officials have benefited from pay for play scandals, whether it was oat obama care or other scandals and it goes on and it is the running theme, whether
6:41 pm
it's any of the paper plate candles, any other cases where they tried to reward or discourage other politicians from running for office against their favorite incumbents like arlen specter. you were the joe case and andrew, all way lou excellent draw and fast and furious. >> last question, is there anybody you are support fourth the 2012 nomination? >> i'm on no one's particular campaign team. i think there are a lot of conservatives and grass roots right activists and tea party people out there who feel the same way, that none of these candidates has earned an affirmative endorsement yet. and a lot of us i think half joke, have nose plugs and nose clips we will probably be wearing into november, 201 >> there's no perfect candidate. >> certainly not. >> nobody is a perfect candidate, but i will proudly cast a vote to fire obama. i'll be glad to do that because he's been such a disaster
6:42 pm
aspired. >> no question about that. >> good to see you. let in the your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel is next. with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion.
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that may be right for you. with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call now. >> tonight on our great, great american panel he's the editor at the daily and tucker carlson is back. and he was partly responsible of the disaster this country is suffering through, democratic analyst steve murphy, and leslie sanchez is here. a new hairdo. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> got it for the campaign season. >> gingrich is in, san tore up is in, cain is out. and -- >> well, i believe rob blagojevich with the -- look what happened to him. you can't take the debates seriously.
6:47 pm
it's very much showmanship. >> i'm going to make a prediction and i may be wrong, but i'll make a prediction. i bet this will be a debate of substance. i think donald trump knows what the expectation would be, as you are saying. and i've spent too much time with him. he's serious about solving the problems of the country. i don't think he's taking this campaign, this election lightly. and i think he really cares that this country is going down the sewer. >> so do a lot of people but i don't think they should be the moderator. >> why not? is nbc news, cnn better? >> how many debates do we need? >> look, i think he's a super interesting, smart, and certainly very entertaining guy and great on tv. he has suggested that he might enter this very contest. that puts him out-of-bounds as a moderator. >> no, no, but he said he's toying with the idea. >> he said that and said it on this show. i was here. second, anything that makes the
6:48 pm
pros ses look less serious is bad. the republican party has to be the sober adult dad party. that's the whole point. because it goes against the crazy free for all -- >> well we are living through a media right now in this country that doesn't dare and obama one tenth of the questions that all of these republicans have gone through. bill ayers, one question if 2008. what makes the media that is so radically left wing so qualified -- >> not all left wing. the daily call they're i run is not left wing. >> i'm talking about the media, nbc, cnn. >> but what is wrong with them? >> i agree, i wouldn't sit for it. why bother? go ahead. >> democrats refuse to sit for debates with this network. i think they were wrong. i think you should go everywhere. i think you should let everybody and you questions and secondly, this debate is not going to happen. trump clearly has already decided he's going to endorse
6:49 pm
gingrich. only two people accepted. >> trump -- listen, i was with trump. i think trump had an open mind. i think he might be angry, i would suspect, at romney and i think romney was courting his endorsement in a major way. but i think probably he's offended that romney didn't go to the debate. >> i think he very much expected these candidates would come to the table. i don't think it's a disservice to news mag. if they wanted to hold it, they could have found somebody else to moderate. >> i'll moderate. >> they could have found another person to take it seriously. and there are he so many debates. the candidates need time to think of policy. >> i think the debate is come one week from tomorrow on this network. that is going to be a defining debate and i would suspect that a lot of the candidates now, because newt is in the lead, they are going to come out with all barrels. >> news was just made. do you know that romney was courting trump's endorsement? >> i know for a fact.
6:50 pm
for a fact. >> romney is an impressive guy. he ran a state, he ran the olympics and a bank. >> have you read his book? >> i will get it on tape but the idea that a serious contenddor would be sucking up to a tv host, come on. >> first of all. >> i like trump, but his endorsement? >> wait a second. he was in the race and his poll numbers were fairly impressive. i'll tell you why i think they were because the country knows economically we are headed down the tubes. people are look fork businessmen who are actually out there building stuff to give answers. why not have a grace commission? >> well, a jp morganner, john. but they are real business guys.
6:51 pm
this is donald trump. he sells vodka and fragrance. >> but he builds buildings. >> and insider deals, with bankruptcy, with kronicism. >> he's never been bankruptcy. >> he has had -- >> that's not true. >> he has had his business enterprises go bankrupt. >> it's not as much as he is using this very much, it appears, as a media opportunity to promote himself. >> so what? >> his two favorite words are "i" and "me." >> if i'm ron hunstman and i'm below in the polls, i'm showing up where newt gingrich is as the leader and go toe-to-toe. but can't they find somebody better to suck up to for an endorsement for donald trump? he's the "you're fired" guy. >> this is a big mistake. >> we will have bill ayers enjoy
6:52 pm
the next debate for the democrats. bill ayers should do it. as a matter of fact, you can buy dinner with bill ayers. they are auctioning it off. >> i would watch that. >> bill ayers is gut less and spine less to come on this program. >> have you asked him? >> sure. >> he's a terrific education policymaker. >> terrific on unre penitent terrorists. >> you are really defending bill ayers? >> not bad for a guy who -- >> you mean, he espoused violence against americans. are you kidding? >> he's unrepent tent about being part of a terrorist group. he's a terrorist. >> he never committed any acts of violence. >> excuse me, i don't regret setting bombs, bill ayers. it's a criminal act to set off bombs but he never committed an illegal act? >> we have to take a break.
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>> we continue with our great, great american panel. rick perry accuses obama, waging a war on religion. here's his new add. >> i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm a christian but you don't need to be in the pew every sunday to know that there's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military, when our kids can't openly celebrate christmas
6:57 pm
and pray in school. as president i will end obama's war on religion and i will fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage. faith made america strong. it can make her strong again. >> is that just for iowa? >> pretty much. not to use a punn but it's a hail mary pass, appealing to social conservatives. >> would it work? >> it could work. there are a lot undecided, especially with the top two. and in iowa and south carolina. >> here is what is in that ad that obama has had anything to do with. he's more let gays openly serve in the military. so go ahead, start booing now because that's what he did, and we are prudent did it and we are going to campaign on him doing it. >> is the country in agreement with it? >> a majority are in polls. >> that ad is not right. they don't hate tradition. they hate traditional christianity. >> what do you mean?
6:58 pm
>> look, they tried to force this abortion nonsense on catholic hospitals, clearly contemptuous of traditional christian religious values. ice not a matter of hating all religions, it's a matter of despising attacks attached to one specific religion. >> i'm just teasing the left wing media because they go nuts, especially media matters, they go crazy and i'm enjoying every minute of it. i have an idea that i think would -- would absolutely hurt obama's chances for re-election. what do you think of this? [laughter] >> what -- just -- i'm not -- this isn't jeopardy. [laughter] >> camp out in a park? >> appear on this show. obama would never appear on this show. no guts. >> that would hurt his chances. >> the hardest person to interview is the president of
6:59 pm
the united states, you know why? because i republican the office and i have to respect the president. and he is unfortunately the president. >> moot point. he won't be here. >> i think the best person who did an interview with obama is bret baier, and he took a lot of criticism for it, but he said i've got 15 minutes, stop. don't filibuster. >> i saw the one before the super bowl. >> what do you think? what could be -- what would be the most -- the best tactic in running against obama in terms of what would you use? >> i would use the real unemployment rate, not the 8-point-whatever percent. and i would never get off that number. >> i am going to give the secret away. obama in his own words. that's the secret to winning the election. does that make sense? because he contradicts himself constantly. he's a hip democrat. he has flip-flopped more than anya


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